Bitte Orca


I’ve seen Dirty Projectors live a few times. They can be as fun and uplifting as confusing. Same goes for the records. Can’t say I really liked his/their last effort – Rise Above – much, even though I’ve tried. Over and over. Re-inturpretations of Black Flag songs from memory sound pretentious and awesome at the same time, but I don’t really get it, sorry.

Now we have Bitte Orca in our lap. A whole new world of song songs to dig into. And I love it. It’s a big pile of references to the past, the future and continents far, far away. Experimental for sure. Pop? Yes, but of course, but it is so much more.

Sometimes it get’s a bit much with the twists, twirls and harmonies, but that’s on me. This record isn’t for not listening to. You have best pay attention. Don’t miss out!

Stillness Is the Move



/ Mikael Nordlander


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