Flipper Rules, OK?


Legendary Flipper released new material like a month ago  (AND a new live album called Fight). Good news after 16 long years? According to how the first song to be released as a internet-single from the new album Love sounds I could’ve easily been without this. Judge for yourselves though: Be Good, Child at RCDR LBL. There’s some more new songs at their MySpace. I’ve listened to them some but I honestly don’t know about this…

On the brighter side though (for you who didn’t know), they’ve announced that: “Flipper’s back catalog is also being made available for the first time in years, both on 180-gram vinyl and CD in the UK on Domino Records.” Real good news, huh? And as you might already know: “In addition, tours of Australia, Europe and the US are planned for 2009.” This is happening right now.

/ Mikael Nordlander.


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