New Hopes, New Demonstrations


The PMA Gunnerfeldt produced New Hopes, New Demonstrations by The Ghost of a Thousand follows the amusing El Bronx this rainy Midsummer morning. Kinda fun since The Ghost of a Thousand reminds me a whole lot of Bronx proper, or at least they seem to have taken the same road down influence street (they’re not nearly as catchy as the Bronx though).

The Brighton boys certainly have a good record here, but hardcore rock with a punk edge has to have a bit more bite to it. It sounds great, but the band stumbles a bit short when they reach for harder territories and Converge greatness. I still like it though, and I hope you give them a listen. They best not get stuck in the ”hi, we’re on Epitaph and play Red Bull sponsored festivals, so we’ve made it”-path though. I see some red flags here.

I’ll give them some more time and I hope they’ll grow on me. Ok?

/ Mikael Nordlander.


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