Most of you only know Fagersta in Sweden for spawning The Hives. No doubt. Yesterday Bruket played Debaser in Malmö, a band from that same tiny industrial town. Not much to say about that, but that’s not the only common denominator. Nicke and Pelle from The Hives produced their new EP (supposedly, I haven’t googled that fact, I just nicked it from an article I read). Not to be mean or anything, but that’s probably the only reason why these guys have gotten some attention. Music journalists are a simple creed.

Bruket will never become as big as The Hives though. The most obvious reason would be that they probably don’t have that ambition. They also sing in Swedish.

I must say I enjoyed bits and pieces of the gig. I mean, it sounded a lot like young Swedish punks into The Clash and Ebba Grön, and there was a lot of references to Swedish punk in the 80’s in general (they also did an Eldkvarn cover). Not bad in any way. Just a bit anemic, and this is, like the fourth wave of The Clash-loving band coming out of Sweden since that band existed. I rather just put on a Monster album. Loved the drumming though. Loved it.

/ Mikael Nordlander.


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