Black Flag

Synthdriven party-rock with some attitude by Duchess Says from Montreal. Brilliant video with archive footage from some old new age happening. They have some harder hitting punk tunes as well, but this one is certainly danceable for all. Check it and them out if you haven’t!

Begging The 3 Ts EP has been out for a few weeks now. Black Flag is on it.



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3 responses to “Black Flag

  1. Evil Speaker

    yeah, black flag is pretty nice, but kinda unrepresentative of their sound if you ask me. the harder stuff is definitely worth tracking down – reminds me a bit of Les Georges Leningrad doing tighter stuff… but maybe I’m just picking that up from the whole canadian/dirrrty electro/female vocals buzz. bueno i alla fall, methinks.

  2. I like both kinds. No shame in that I think. Les Georges Leningrad have never really stuck though.

    / M.

  3. Evil Speaker

    – nice name for a tele show too.

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