If Spacemen 3 made minimalism as the new maximalism, Skriet (one of the guys from the amazing Pascal and one filmmaker…) makes what could’ve been if the tripping space cadets started in Sweden right now, looted history, but skipped the really loud guitar (for a proper Spacemen 3 vibe, check out Pistol Disco  from Gothenburg. They’re really good). Skriet does have that blues, early rock and gospel feel to them on their Skriet full length, even if they never lived it. Sure, they also resonate some vibe the 80’s acts in Sweden tried out, mostly because the lyrics are sung in Swedish.

 Ok. What then? Introvert, floor sitting and shoe gazing. Mostly low-key and fluid but also a bit haunting. I’m left with a feel that this is quite good, even if the Swedish sometimes puts me off. At the same time, I guess this is pretentious enough to make some of you choke on your morning coffee (that’s a good thing by the way).      

Can’t really find a proper release date on this, but I guess August sometime is close enough.

 PS. Check out the brilliant Ok Boys by Existensminimum that’s released on the same label (Novoton) as Skriet. I’ve listened to that a lot this year, and it hasn’t gotten old yet.

/ Mikael Nordlander.


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