So Fine

Last day at work-work for me. The Deleted Art bloggers will leave for the Roskilde-festival tomorrow. First day off is a festival day, sweet (no, not really, I will produce a segment for the news there, but that’s almost like vacation)! Hopefully we’ll report some from the scorching heat in Denmark.

Oh, and the video? Yeah, really just wanted to promote our friends new club Tricks/Tricks/Tricks that will debut in August (Babel in Malmo is the place for that one). I know it’s barely July now, but who cares? Telepathe is coming, and it’s never too soon to start pepping up!

 / Mikael Nordlander.



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3 responses to “So Fine

  1. Yeah! Thanks for the support. //Dennis (Tricks/Tricks/Tricks, Rundgång)

  2. nö wörries. just warm up those 1200’s. all whirlwind, heat and flash will do a guest spot at one time or another.

    / delighted art.

  3. Any movie update of the Hankt Hans Aften? I think that is the highlight during the month of June. I’m sure there will be lot of geeks in party clubs after the events.

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