Roskilde festival ’09

Thought I’d do another festival report since I’m online on a train, the AC is on full blast, it rains outside and I have five more hours of travelling ahead of me. The farmers tan hurts a bit, the body is lacking proper food, sleep, water and every vitamin and mineral there is. I would sleep if I could.

No pictures this time though. Left the camera at home. Sorry. I only took a few with my mobile. No good. I give you one plus one I stole from Håkan.



First day of festival proper. Came late this year. Wolves In the Throne Room was the first thing for me and David. Had to work some before though. The Wolves did a decent job, even though it was daylight, low volume and a weird crowd. Lots of plastic clogs, cargo-shorts, rediculous hair-do’s and more new Motorhead t-shirts than I could count. And, yeah, a lot of straw hats with the Bacardi logo on them.

A few hours later we headed for Fucked Up. Great show and mad fun. Not just a good band, nice people too. Good combo.

After the best show of the night we saw some terrible sounding bands. St Vincent only got a few songs because of it, and  Hjaltalín was pretty disappointing. Too bad. I like that band. Ended things with a glimpse of Kanye West.

Tired from drinking, heat and a cold but we decided on Mono. Got there a bit late and didn’t really get into it so we left after a few songs. Isis got a few too, but the volume was a bit low and there were too many new songs. Good, but not great.

Partied on and headed for Faith No More. Nice to hear those old songs again, but maybe they’re a bit dated. Speaking of which, Oasis was up next. Had to be seen, and we saw maybe five songs. Our friend Håkan sang, and I was jelous of Liams parka. Looks like we have the same barber too. Weird. As Håkan stated: ”Oasis is the Creedence of our generation”. That might be true, but I rather listen to CCR.

Gang Gang Dance invited us to a proper dance party. They were great, but I was way too tired to move my feet. Saw it, and then I headed home. An early night, but what can you do.

Early morning with Paavoharju, the finish folk band. Liked it, but the sound made me lose interest. A lot of talk about sound here, I know, but come on, when the sound’s good, the concerts are so much better, right?

A few hours and beers later …and You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead made a decent gig, but we couldn’t stand the heat, so we stood in the shade outside the tent. We mostly spent time waiting for Marnie Stern. Was really looking forward to her gig. She’s so good on record, and I liked it at Primavera. Thought this would be better though. It wasn’t. She was either drunk or on something. Couldn’t really play proper. But still, it was fun.

Didn’t really expect the next band to be one of the top five gigs of the festival, but The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart was really good. Loud and a bit nasty sounding. Brilliant. We almost ended the night after that but remembered to see Black Dice. Amazing. The best I’ve seen them. More easy on the ears this time, but still loud and pounding.



Speaking of surprises, Peter Doherty (as he was called all of a sudden the old junky) made us all smile. Stopped and started a lot of songs, swaggering around stage lighting up cigarettes and drinking beer. Tried to play Billy Jean twice and failed both times. Played Needle and the Damage Done without taking the hint that it’s an anti-drugs tune, tossed a million cans of beers into the audience and put brah’s up on the mike stand. Can’t really grasp his charisma and rock poet brilliance, but there is something to him. At least when he’s up there with just a guitar.

We strolled the grounds for a bit after that. Ulf Lundell was entertaining loudly all over, and we giggled some. He’s the swedish version of the Bruce and the E-street band, and as such he’s a bit redundant. But still. Fun in a way.

Saw Neurosis last Monday, but we headed over for some more sonic assault this Sunday. Amazing band, amazing sound. Loud as fuck. Caught an hour of it before we headed over for some Ass (Andreas Söderstrom Solo). The exact opposite of Neurosis. Sparse guitar picking with some glockenspiel and some percussion (done with a gillette razor and a pea-shooter amongst other things). Good as always, but the sound was too low. The guitar was drenched by other sounds from the festival.

Met up with the amazing Bronx and a few beers. Caught the show from the stage, but it was still amazing. They’re really good live, and this time was no exception. Straight after we packed up and left. Home one our later for some sleep, up for an early train and now the post-festival disorder is in full effect.

/ Mikael Nordlander.


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