Get Color


Health @ Pustervik, Gothenburg, August 2008.

The new album by Health will be out September 8 and it’s called Get Color. I can hardly wait for it. Hope that it’ll be super amazing. For all of you that feel the same way, the album can be pre-ordered already. But you have to cash up a bundle. I was ready to sign up until I saw you had to buy the T-shirt, the totebag, buttons and stickers too! I mean, come on! I love the band, but 40 dollars (or 35 euro) is a lot when all you really want is the clear vinyl. Am I right? Good deal I guess, the T-shirt looks great and all, but can I have a choice please!?

Read more about it at Lovepump.

See all you danes and swedes at Bolsjefabrikken in Copenhagen August 19 by the way. They’re said to play there and then. We’re going. For sure. Just need a further confirmation from the venue.

Update: Slangstore answered my question about pre-ordering only the vinyl. “Wait till September” they said. I guess we all have to though, I just don’t know if I’ll get one. Kinda hope there’s more than 500 vinyl fans out there that want to buy the Health album. Oh, well. I’ll wait and see.

/ Mikael Nordlander.


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