Dating Cops

Listening to Fake Surfers by Intelligence right now. Good record (out on In the Red. That might give you an idea about how they sound if you didn’t already). Thought I’d throw some of their stuff up, but found this old crab video and posted that. Great stuff.

Thought I’d share some of the blog post from the band regarding the new album as well: “…12  songs featuring uncleared samples and ‘reverb’ and recorded on 2” ANALOG TAPE mixed to 1/4 ANALOG TAPE and mastered on something ANALOG i’m sure by John Golden. So get on that internet and download it from some blog for free and listen to it on some mac laptop speakers and listen to that HEADROOM on that ANALOG TAPE… or buy it here

/ Mikael Nordlander.


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  1. I heard that this arrived to the store (Deleted/Rundgång in Malmö) together with the Blank Dogs record . Yesterday or something (June 20). Vinyl of course. Both totally worth bying!

    / Mikael Nordlander.

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