Setting Fire to Your House

Not so long ago there were a slew of American bands ripping off the English 80’s music and breaking big. That kinda faded out. Thank god. Now we have a lo-fi trend going, the sounds of DIY and home made recordings. The murkier and shittier the better it seems (not always, but you get me, right?). This is somewhere in between. True English grit from the 80’s in a lo-fi alternative now-indie blanket, finished off with a modern take on that synth vibe everyone loves so much (hard, eerie and not so pop. More haunting).

Oh well, let’s not analyze this to bits. After a thousand records Blank Dogs are now releasing Under and Under on In the Red and might reach a wider audience. Good for him, and I hope that it’ll go well.

/ Mikael Nordlander.


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  1. I heard that this arrived to the store (Deleted/Rundgång in Malmö) together with the Intelligence record . Yesterday or something. Vinyl of course. Both totally worth bying!

    / Mikael Nordlander.

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