Top 5 records for a successful summer


Joachim Nordwall

Joachim Nordwall runs the label Ideal Recordings based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He also books sweet shows up there. When he’s not doing that he plays in several bands such as Skull Defekts, Alvars Orkester and many more. We asked him to recommend some records to the Deleted Art readers, and here it is: top 5 records for a successful summer!

1. EmeraldsSolar Bridge LP/CD (Hanson Records)
You are quite toasted after too many hours on the beach. Your day involved lots of swimming, friends and cold brews. The sun is going down and you have a bar waiting for you. In your soundsystem – Solar Bridge by Us post-kosmische trio Emeralds. It sort of slows down the sunset and you are listening to it five times in a row before that guy throws in a power violence mixtape from 1999 (that, thank god, includes a few killer Asshole Parade tracks). Solar Bridge might be the perfect soundtrack to especially this sunset.

2. Ducktails S/t LP (Not Not Fun Records)
Man. With titles like Surf’s Up, Horizon and Beach Point Pleasant the Ducktails guy must think he’s Beach Boys or something and now, that’s something I like. I am too pretentious to recommend Beach Boys records even if I love that stuff from the depth of my heart so this Ducktails record is perfect for me. It definately has some kosmische elements that connects it to the above Emeralds record but some really really hot pop tunes too. But – this is something you listened to DURING your day on the beach, getting that nice tan that will disapear in mid September, looking straight at the sun, feeling all good and sexy. By the way, why is Brian Wilson still doing these “hits” tours?

3. Ruts DC & The Mad ProfessorRhythm Collision Dub Volume 1 LP/Cassette (ROIR)
Dub is summer. Summer is dub. I came across this cassette in Brooklyn last summer at Academy Records on North 6th Street in Williamsburg. Me and Lisa stayed in a room in a garage (more like a cave really) we rented from the über-nice Growing guys as they were on tour in Europe and we had taken our bikes down to score some nice music for serious cave listening sessions. Well well, Ruts DC was an absolutely fantastic band from the Uk that was surrounded by darkness. Their first singer died of a heroin overdose in 1980. The band survived somehow and released this in ’87 as the dub companion to their 1982 (I think) album Rhythm Collision. It’s amazing. True dub with this deep new wave punk base. To me, it’s the soundtrack to summer in New York City, ok? At the same time I picked this up I got a great mixtape called Rhythm in Collision – New Wave Experiments in Funk & Dub! Damn great mixtape with stuff like Ruts DC, The Slits, Jah Wobble, Blurt and London Underground!!! Thank God for the man or woman who did it for us!!! Love you!!! And I only paid $6 for it I think.

4. David CrosbyIf I Could Only Remember My Name LP (Atlantic)
Mmmmm. Acoustic hippie trip from 1971 and one of the absolutely best summer albums that ever came out. The cover is dreamy and has this sunset on it and Crosby’s face and moustache is all over it with the sun and ocean breaking though just under his one eye. It’s a great cover. This is my friend Jessika‘s fav record all genres ever but it took me some time to allow myself to dive into it. The second song, Cowboy Movie, just goes on and on and on and on and on and is perfect to listen to with a cold mojito in your hand, hiding in the shade for a while until you can’t remember your own name and you have stopped worrying why Crosby couldn’t remember his.

5. James FerraroClear & Discovery LP’s (Holy Mountain)
Ferraro calls the music on these two vinyls – tropical drones. And the man is right. It’s tropical all right. I’m listening to one of them right now, drinking a nice cocktail on Hendrick’s gin and tonic water, on the rocks of course – what do you think? Unfortunetely the rain is falling down over Gothenburg right now but I have some great experiences with these records in the sun. Been listening like crazy to them this summer. The heat is doing something to these drones, and boy did we have one hot summer this year, at least up until now… They grow on you and becomes one with the air you breath. I think even the plants in the garden grow better listening to this. The cover artwork is GENIUS! Same on both except for the title at the bottom. Very bad/cheap computerized (Commodore 64-style) iceberg-looking thing floating in a blue ocean with a very inviting tropical island in the back. Did I say Ferraro is also half of the sadly sleeping duo Skaters? One of my fav bands ever. Sick stuff. Their music is for the fall or even winter.

/ Joachim Nordwall


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