King of Jeans

Pretty UNsure that this one’s off of the new album King of Jeans by Pissed Jeans. It’s said to be Boring Girls from Shallow, but I honestly don’t know that for sure since I don’t own that. Doesn’t matter though. I just wanted to say that the new record totally kills. Name drop all you want, I’d go for newish Melvins meets Flipper with a hint of solo Rollins. I love it to bits (after two straight listens I do, yeah). 

It’s out the 18th on Sub Pop. Don’t miss out!

/ Mikael Nordlander.



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3 responses to “King of Jeans

  1. Jonne Punk

    Skärpning! Det e ju “Boring Girls” från Shallow!

  2. Notera är oxå att introt är taget från BIG A little a

  3. jag skärper mig och ändrar skiten. bra är nya i alla fall. / mikael.

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