Higher Ground

As my back is starting to ache more than it usually does I begin to plow the pharmaceutical fields in search for something that will alleviate the pain. My doctor, a plum ginger in his early 40’s , prescribed a drug that would help me. Somehow I’m not sure that doc’s being honest with me! Does he know something I don’t or could there be another explanation for the apt (?) name of this pill?

Prescription drugs

There are however other artists on worse/better drugs than the one above who are very capable of still being entertaining. J Spaceman and Sonic Boom made an entire album dedicated to drugs; a throbbing piece of monotonous psychedelia called “Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To”, even though being a semi-bootleg,  it consists of some of the best druggy drone bits that will wear your soul out. And how can we forget Anton Newcombe and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Enough said.

There are however cases where you thought that all the people involved in the making of the music (i.e. producers, label executives, band members et al.) were on drugs but somehow it’s doubtful they were. Even if they were on drugs it could never justify making auto-tuned date rape anthems for teens.

I know this blog is here to serve as a reminder of good/better taste and for that I apologise. Sorry!

/Born Springsteen


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