You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago


Heard of Fire!? Maybe you haven’t. Yet. But you should check them out. Kinda jazz, but the hypnotic and psychedelic kind. Quite not like anything else in a way. You’ll love it.

The trio exists of Mats Gustafsson (The Thing/Sonic Youth/Merzbow etc etc), Johan Bertling (Häpna/Tape) and Andreas Werliin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums). The record You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago is out on the excellent label Rune Grammofon in October (on my birthday, the 8th).

I took the oppurtunity as an excuse to e-mail Andreas some basic questions.

 What records and/or references where tossed around to get things started?

– Together, our “palette” of musical influences can only be explained as extreme – first of all it’s the age difference (which maybe is not important but a funny thing – there is ten years from me to Johan and ten years from Johan to Mats) so we all brought our own generations sound with us – that sums up everything from early Sonny Rollins to modern Southern Lord releases.

 Will there be live performances following this release, and in that case, where will you play?  

– We will do a short tour celebrating the release. In late October we’ll be visiting Oslo and play at Sound of Mu (home of Rune Grammofon. Funny thing to know – we are actually the first non-norwegian band on that label…). That’s the 26th and we’ll play in Stockholm October 27 and 28. That’s at Strand. For those shows we have invited some great musicians to perform with us. (Rumors of more gigs later on. Editors note).

 Is this like a one off or do you have plans to do more in the future, I mean you’re a busy bunch of musicians?

– We have great plans for Fire! So far we have only played one live show. At Riche(!) in Stockholm. That was truly amazing. So we will try to play as much as our schedules allow us, eventually invent a new time order that makes it possible to be at two places at the same time if it’s needed.

 Finally, give us a juicy story from the recording sessions, feel free to be as nerdy as you want to be!

– To watch Mats Gustafsson – the great “nu” musician doing overdubs on a Rhodes-piano was just beautiful!!!

Read more about the release at Rune Grammofon.

/ Mike Murgatroyd.


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