Top Five by Nerf Waltons


Nerf Waltons of Kill Shaman‘s top 5 records at the moment. Some of these are tapes and cdrs but maybe someone can turn them all in LP’s.
1. Mississipi Records Mix Tape #1 – 13 (This counts as just one)
After a long day of listening to cool bands and trying to understand the popularity contest of Los Angeles my soul starts to weaken. Is it just about PR? Will these lame festivals ever stop? Does anyone wanna explain why there is traffic at 6am? The Mississippi records tapes fill me back up. Music that is not about PR, festivals or DJ nights. I owe Mississippi records my sanity. Samba Triste is my fav.
2. BIRTH (cdr)
Digital Hardcore in LA. Yes. Pooping on the rad vibes. Ah yes. Thanks for bringing the reality.
3. Bronze s/t 10″
They have a new 7″ on Enfant Terrible. These guys are my favorite band in California at the moment. They need to send me more music and let me put out some records for them.
4. Vum tape
This lady used to be in Lion Fever. I liked them but this is much more my style. Great minimal goth goodness. They need someone to put this out on LP stat.
5. Night Control “Death Control”
We are putting this out but I still listen to it alot. Just arranged it all so it has been in play all week. So glad do work with this man.
My picture was taken in front of the French market.
/ Nerf Waltons

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