Top 5 things for a gloomy fall

Sonny Kay was the main man behind the now-defunct Gold Standard Laboratories, a company which primarily released music by bands off the mainstream map but could also easily be interpreted as a long-going art project. That was the nature of the label; obscurity and the experimental going hand in hand and during GSL’s heyday there wasn’t a kid around who didn’t know or own at least one of the label’s releases. Besides doing GSL, Sonny was in several influential bands like Angel Hair, The VSS and Year Future.

Today Sonny mostly does artwork and art direction for the label set up Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (The Mars Volta) as well as doing posters and record covers on a freelance basis. Check out his work at

Lastly we just want to say it’s been and still is a privilege to know Sonny. One of the nicest people to walk this planet! Here’s his Top 5 things for a gloomy fall.

1. Moon (film) – I was really pleased with this. I think anyone who loves 2001: A Space Odyssey (as I do) will be impressed. Sam Rockwell is one of my favorite actors, too. I’m usually disappointed with big Hollywood productions, so this was a nice exception. I would have made the ending different, but whatever.

2. HEALTH  Get Color – The new LP from the best band in LA. Everything I hoped for and more.
3. CRASS and the accompanying art of Gee Vaucher. Endlessly inspiring.
4. Anything and everything posted on my 2 favorite YouTube channels: Soundless Dawn and DMTTRIPcom.
5. Finally getting an iPod (five years after everybody else).
/Sonny Kay

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