I’ve loved Big A little a for a few years now. Actually bought my first Aa record off of David before he even had a store here in Malmö. Small world. The gAame album that came out on Deleted Art in 2007 was – and still is – one of my absolute favourite releases from that year. This video is from that album. Amazing stuff. Head over to the store if you want to pick up your own copy.

Now I’m more than happy to announce that Aa are coming to Malmö on their next European tour. They will play High Five at Debaser Malmö November 27! Psyched having them play my own club. More info about that soon enough. A whole lot more tour dates for you Euro-people over at Paper and Iron Bookings.

Also. If you’re heading out for one of the shows there’s going to be a tour 12″ for sale. Be sure to grab one. There’s not that that many of them. Deleted Art has chipped in together with Altin Village and Aa themselves.

/ Mikael Nordlander.


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