Effi Briest

I met Effi Briest in Brooklyn, New York a couple of years ago. I made an interview with them for a TV segment I was working on. They had a couple of 7″ out on Loog and were recording an album. Something like that. They sounded real promising. Free in mind, fresh in spirit.

They were a bit shy, I was jet lagged. It was really late, and we met in their rehersal space. Someone offered me some Pernod and told me to kick back in their white leather sofa. I thanked them, and then they played some beautiful tunes while the camera was rolling. Afterwards they told me they were recording in their own time, and that they had a plan. They would have none of the industry compromise. I got what I wanted, and headed home to Sweden again.

A while back I tried to find out what happened to them. I mean, a split 7″ with Telepathe (where they actually cover each other) is all they’ve let us hear in a long time (out on Skinny Wolves by the way).

A couple of days ago I got an e-mail from from Corinne Jones in the band, and instead of writing her a ton of question I thought I’d just publish it with the video and save the interview for a later time. Cool?

>Mikael! What’s up? We may actually have some good news to report to your blog if >you’re still interested…

>Well, we re-recorded our album after about a year of struggling with the old >recordings. The new tracks sound amazing and we are really happy that it’s >coming out  (FINALLY) on Sacred Bones records soon!

> Meanwhile, our friend made this video for us [Mirror Rim by Mak Kern].



/ Mikael Nordlander.


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