Track 5

Love it or hate it. It’s there, it’s here, it’s everywhere, and it has been for quite a while. I’m talking about Dan Lissvik and his airy Gothenburg-pop. The balearic beat. The fjord disco derived sounds.  The universe he carved out and honed together with a bunch of friends during a huge part of this century. Mostly with his Studio band mate Rasmus Hägg.

They’re not the only one’s doing this of course. But they have had their fingers deep in a lot of jars out there (you’ve probably heard more than one remix they’ve made). To name but a few records to dive into right this minute I’d go for: D. Lissviks 7Trx + Intermission that came out last year, The Crêpes and Winterwhila by Fontän that came out recently. All of them out on Information that the Studio guys own. Of course.

/ Mike Murgatroyd.


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