High Five


Scraps Of Tape.

Pay-day friday in Malmö, Sweden. Big party weekend coming up. As usual I’ve got my club night tonight. High Five has been doing these monthly dates at Debaser since a couple of years, and always on this specific occasion.

Tonight there’s a local manga book release party. Åsa Ekström will release Sayonara September. Part of it is rumored to take place in Debaser. How’s that for a meta happening.

Local bands only this time. Good bands though, no doubt. Scraps Of Tape are heading out on a smaller tour tomorrow but will start it off on their home turf. Will be sweet to see them again. Think Sonic Youth, Shellac and maybe …trail of dead and you’re halfway there. Love these dudes, nice people, good music. Best of combos.

Cassetto will start out. They’re exploring and mining the krautrock territory in a modern way. Taking what they want, stealing,  improvising and coming up with an exciting coctail. Hypnotic and lovely.

Mattias Hinderson and Kajsa Lindström will play records when the night turns to party. They’re usually working for the local online publication popponny.se. Haven’t heard them play records yet, but they know their stuff. Going to be fun and dancable at the same time I imagine.

7pm – 03am. Free before 10pm, 90 after. 20 yrs.

/ Mikael Nordlander.


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