Deleted Art to release a The Bronx box-set!


This is The Bronx I. Not the box cover.

Since being major fans of The Bronx for years we have been discussing the fact that the vinyl versions of their records have been pretty hard to come by. At least in Europe. And since we think that all fans should have the right to get his or her hands on a proper record we went ahead and asked our L.A. friends if they would be up for us pressing more copies of the albums. They loved the idea, and now we can announce that there’s going to be a three LP box up for grabs in just a short while.

Ponder that for a while: the first three amazing punk rock albums by this L.A. outfit in a glorious box-set! These puppies will go fast, so stash some of your hard earned money right now and we’ll sell you a copy sometime late December/early January.



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9 responses to “Deleted Art to release a The Bronx box-set!

  1. Snyggt jobbat! Den vill jag ha.

  2. Julle

    Ja! Lägg undan en åt mig!

  3. Michael

    Hey there, any news on this? I need me some Bronx vinyl!

  4. Michael

    Seriously, does anyone read the comments? Any updates?

  5. Jordan

    Awesome! Any more updates as to when its gonna be out / price?

  6. Michael

    Any more news on the box set? I’d hate to go back to trolling eBay for these records.

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