Ecstatic Peace – Turned On

Imagine the dudes in Baltimore band Ecstatic Sunshine explaining this video to their moms. “Ok, Ma, so this song is about space robot boners and we illustrated that by having silhouettes of melting technology and streams of artificial light. Also it is wordless because the energy of the guitars properly speaks our vibes.” If this track were called anything but “Turned On” we might think differently, like “hey this song is about saving the environment!” but as is, we’re getting horny nerd vibes as filtered through the prism of cascading scales. Someone listens to a lot of free jazz! Not sure if Joe Williams aka White Williams is a horny nerd or a free jazz fan, but either way, he played on this song and the record it came from, Yesterday’s Work, released this past Tuesday on Hoss Records. – Fader

/ David


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