Fire! at Inkonst 14/1-2010

Deleted Art & Inkonst proudly presents: Fire!

Ljudbilden & NosordobestenDeleted Art Crew // 14 jan // 21.00 (on stage 22.00) // Klubben // 90:-

This time we got the opportunity to invite Swedish Fire! Of course we didn’t want anything else then to see this band perform on stage. The difference of age and the members backgrounds makes them musically spread like nobody else.

Legendary saxophone player Mats Gustafsson (solo/The Thing!/Original Silence/Diskaholics Anonymous Trio, played with The Ex, Zu, Jim O’ Rourke, David Grubbs, Sonic Youth amongst others) in company of Johan Bertling (tape/record labelHäpna/livemusician for El Perro Del Mar, Taken By Trees) and Andreas Werliin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums/Tonbruket). Together they create some sort of rock indiejazz which could be appreciated by all with a wider music interest.
Influenced by jazz cats such as Sonny Rollins, Kraut geniuses like Can or even the latest release on the alternative metal label Southern Lord. A really well-turned-out mix that seems to good to be true.
For this evening we even managed to lure out our friends Kristofer Ström (Lemko Hall/Ljudbilden & Piloten) &Tomas Melinder (Nosordo/AA). Together they are Ljudbilden & Nosordobesten which will entertain you with their good taste before the show!
/ Deleted Art

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