Kill All Redneck Pricks

I remember back in 1999 and I was listening to a tape a friend had left behind in my car. After driving for a while I heard this ugly feedback emanating from the shitty car speakers.  Then came some muddy distorted guitars and a killer riff that pretty much instantly carved its own little place into my brain. A gruff  screaming voice declared that we should “forget the minions” and that they were “on their own” . The song, clocking in around four minutes, gave me the beating of my life. The minute I came home I dialed the number to my friend (this was almost pre-cell phone-era and there was a good chance that you were not going to get ahold of the person you were looking for). I needed to know who this band was. No one picked up! I kept dialing throughout the day and finally there was a voice in the other end of the line. “KARP? Who? Well, give me the record! I need it more than you do!”.

KARP has since been a steady friend of mine and I’ve followed the steps of Jared, Chris and Scott (who sadly died a couple of years ago) ever after. Several years later I was standing outside a venue in my new hometown of Gothenburg waiting to catch Tight Bros From Way Back When, the sweaty cock n’ roll band Jared formed with some people from Behead The Prophet (No Lord Shall Live) and Gene Defcon. For some reason the promoter failed to get his/her shit together and the venue owner had no idea that the band was supposed to play. We stood outside in the rain and Jared and Co. played video games upstairs (or so I was told).

I got the chance though to witness a robe-clad Jared punching his bass and screaming into a saliva-drenched mic on a bill with Big Business and The Melvins. It was, and I’m not fucking around, the best show I had seen in many, many years.

Though it’s probably not news anymore I was so glad to hear that KARP was going to have a documentary made of them by director Bill Badgley. I honestly can’t fucking wait!

/Born Springsteen

Ps Is there anyone out there who can verify if it’s really Jared who performed as Fashio and released the track “Smooth as Ice” on a 7″ compilation called Today The Planet, Tomorrow The World (Thin The Herd)?


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  1. actually Born…. It was my car =)

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