Besides being a blog about most things fun and worthwhile by a couple of friends, Deleted Art (or dLTD) is a record label and a store in Malmo, Sweden. And as so many like-minded labels it started out as a small group of friends having ideas about helping other friends putting out their records, books and prints… well, just about whatever we felt like needed to be out there. The idea still lives on in present time but since the start as Deleted Art Consortium in 1999, the only output has been music (by bands like Big A little a, Cut City, Indian Jewelry, No Age and Xbxrx to name but a few). The ambition stands though, so who knows when the pattern is going to be broken!?

 The first release ever to come out was a cassette tape with a band that two of the dLTD founders had by the time, totally DIY, copied, folded, glued, printed. We even pressed in that thick cover art paper through a old typewriter and typed all the info on the cover. This was way before we even had ideas of starting out a label but some sort of label name still had to be on the cover. dLTD001 was printed on the spine of the tape.

It wasn’t until the two instigators moved to Gothenburg in 2001 that the real idea of Deleted Art proper took form. A third party joined the movement and in 2002 the first vinyl 7″ was released. This time with two acts from Gothenburg. A few productive years followed, and a distro was added as a complement. Love stepped in a few years later and brought one part of the label to Malmo, and the distro has since then turned into a partnership store called Rundgång.

When we write 23-6-09 (or 6-13-09 as some of you do) we’re just about to release dLTD031 and have plans laid down for a couple more records. A few more characters do different kinds of work for the label now as well, and things are going great. Who knows where this will end?

/ David Hagberg.

 deleted.art [at] gmail.com, www.deletedart.org

Deleted Art/Rundgång, Kristianstadsg. 14, 214 24 Malmo, Sweden


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