We are having a huge sale at Deleted Art. We need to clear out some space for future project.

No Age – Sick People Are Safe 12″, €6.00
Wyo Stars – Basuco Spells 12″, €6.00
Pterodactyl – Arnold’s Park LP, €8.00
dd/mm/yyyy – Black Square LP, €10.00
Cut City – Narcissus Can Wait 12″, €6.00
Hearts Of Darknesses – Shit Fan Punx Get Busted 12″, €6.00
Bad Dudes – Eat Drugs LP, €10.00
Megafuckers – s/t 7″, €2.50
Indian Jewelry – Fake And Cheap LP, €10.00
Creeping Nobodies – Augurs And Auspices LP, €8.00
Mika Miko – c.y.s.l.a.b.f. LP, €7.00
Experimental Express Explorer 7″, €2.00 (XDS & Limited Express split 7″)
Japanther – s/t 7″, €2.00
C.Aarmé – Tu Puta Mi Casa 7″, €2.00
Curse Of The Birthmark 12″, €5.00 (Weasel Walters noise rock band)
Knife And Ape – Hex CD, €3.00 (Swedish weirdo no wave electronic. AWESOME!)
The Mae Shi – Go Zbra CD, €3.00
Clipd Beaks – Preyers CD, 3.00
Bipolar Bear – Man Mountain CD, €3.00

Head over to and purchase some real good shit before they are gone.

No Age, Cut City, dd/mm/yyyy and Bad Dudes, very few copies left!
Shipping NOT included in prices.
Free shit with every order. No matter how small the order is!
/ dLTD


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